Parasites 101:
Inside THE
Hidden Health Epidemic

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS - The First Lady of Nutrition

Are Parasites Making You Fat, Sick & Tired?

If you’re experiencing chronic fatigue, unresolved weight gain or weight loss, puzzling G.I. conditions, brain fog, insomnia, joint aches and pains, gas and bloating, teeth grinding, ongoing allergies, depression, anxiety, and general immune dysfunction, this information is for YOU!

In my four decades of experience as an award-winning nutritionist and bestselling author of 35+ books, I’ve been at the forefront of leading-edge health solutions and strategies. My groundbreaking work includes authoring the first-ever consumer-focused blockbuster book on parasites, the widely acclaimed “Guess What Came to Dinner: Parasites and Your Health.”

From everything I’m seeing today, parasites are still alive and well in America. So, I’m speaking up, speaking out, and exposing every shred of evidence I’ve garnered on the subject of parasites so that you and everyone you love can be safe and protected from the hidden health epidemic.

The bottom line is that parasites are the most toxic agents in the human body. They are also one of the primary underlying causes of disease and are the most basic cause of a compromised immune system.

The chilling reality may very well be that 8 out of 10 of us are suffering from one or more microscopic invaders or even larger worms, which is especially important for those suffering from autoimmune or other “incurable” disease.


a nationwide survey conducted by the CDC found that…

U.S. Centers for Disease Control logo, abbreviated to CDC

1 in 7 of us

had one or more parasites.

Nearly 30 years later, a second CDC survey found...

1 in 3 were infected!

So parasites are definitely on the rise, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re one of the most unrecognized and neglected diseases of our time.


Fast-forward to 2016…

For the first time ever, a leading pathologist discovered borrelia (bacteria that cause Lyme disease) and small parasitic roundworms, tapeworm larva and developing juvenile tapeworms in the central nervous system of MS patients at their time of death.

View of a parasitic worm under a microscope

Live Parasites

found in the Central Nervous System of MS Patients at Time of Death.

But why?

In the study of diagnostic labs in our country, researchers found that only one in 10 correctly identified cases of amoebic dysentery, a parasitic disease that can actually kill you.

So here are the astounding facts:

Over 130 Different hidden invaders can account for over 385 various diseases, and their symptoms go way beyond the gastrointestinal tract.

Parasites may be the underlying cause of some of the most prevalent insidious and mysterious disorders of our time, like:

Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut



Weight Gain or
Weight Loss

Weight Gain or
Weight Loss











More specifically, parasites and worms are the great masqueraders that impersonate a multitude of more recognizable diseases.

Chronic fatigue and Candida may be a case of chronic Giardia.

Ulcerative Colitis often times is a case of undiagnosed amoeba.

Migraine headaches, and depression may in fact be toxoplasmosis. In one study, toxoplasmosis was found in nearly 50% of migraine sufferers, and it's believed that toxoplasmosis may stimulate the trigeminal nerve controlling facial and head pain.

Other symptoms of toxoplasmosis include mysterious body aches, fever that comes and goes as well as unrelenting fatigue and what we now consider to be fibromyalgia.

Asthma has been linked to roundworm going through the lungs in its reproductive cycle, and shockingly Type One diabetes can have a parasite connection.

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can clear when pinworms are removed. Both food and environmental allergies can do a disappearing act when other worms are eliminated.

Intestinal worms can cause hives, rashes, itchy dermatitis, Eczema and other allergic type skin reactions.

Brain fog and even hypoglycemia are lifted when threadworms or roundworms are cleared from the system.

Some forms of arthritis can be linked to an amoeba infection.

Seizures can be triggered by a pork tapeworm infection.

Quite frankly, the list goes on and on... it can also include constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, obesity, persistent flu like symptoms, anemia, secondary gluten, casein, and lactose intolerance, low energy, malabsorption, Crohn's disease, sleep disturbances, and even an enlarged liver or spleen.

So, my question for you is...

Where are these hidden invaders coming from?

I’ve identified the most prevalent risk factors that may be the root cause of this stealth health epidemic.



Water is one of the most frequent ways that people can become infected with a variety of parasites.

The most common are:

Cryptosporidium is considered the leading cause of waterborne illness in our country today.  It is closely followed by Giardia.

The problem with these particular parasites is that unlike bacteria, neither Giardia nor Cryptosporidium is killed by chlorination.  You either have to boil water to kill these hitchhikers with iodine or use a very specific ceramic-type filter that can filter out many of these contaminants.


International Travel

Many of us in this day and age are traveling to exotic locales. At one time, Giardia was the most frequent infection that people brought home, especially for those who traveled to certain areas of Russia where the organism can be found even in the tap water of some of its largest cities.

Individuals who have served overseas can frequently bring back very exotic parasites, as we know from our Vietnam veterans, and those that have been in the Gulf War and Afghanistan.


Raw or Undercooked Foods

Our fascination with exotic foods has led to an increase in parasites.  Specialty foods that are often prepared raw or undercooked often present a significant parasite risk.  Sushi, sashimi, steak tartare, ceviche…

Tapeworm is transmitted via undercooked fish, beef and pork.

Fish, especially salmon, rockfish, Atlantic haddock and cod can carry many types of parasites.


Daycare Centers

Rampant parasitic infections exist in daycare centers nationwide.  

In fact, studies done years ago have found that 25% of many daycare centers had children that were infected with a Giardia infection. That’s why it’s critically important that all counter tops, as well as any areas where diapers are being changed, are regularly sanitized on an ongoing basis.



And then we have our beloved pets. 

Just think about it… the FIRST thing a Veterinarian checks for is PARASITES.  In contrast, it’s the LAST thing YOUR DOCTOR checks for, if at all!

Unfortunately, there are over 240 infectious diseases that humans can catch from animals. 65 of those are transmitted by dogs and 39 by cats.

You have to understand that if our population is becoming more immunosuppressed, so are our pets. They’re becoming sicker, the way the American population perhaps is, as well.


Imported Foods

Last but not least, let’s consider imported foods. Over the years, there have been considerable problems with certain types of lettuce, berries, and other types of produce, from countries where the sanitation is not up to par.

That’s why it is vitally important that you learn how to protect yourself and RID YOURSELF from parasitic infections periodically.  Keep reading to learn more.

The Most Common Parasites

Tiny Invaders: Protozoa 

Some of the smallest yet troublesome “vampire” parasites include organisms like Blastocystis, Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora (often found in raspberries), Amoeba, and Giardia. Blastocystis, for instance, is frequently detected in labs and can cause symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain. Cryptosporidium can lead to serious and often prolonged illnesses, with symptoms including bloody diarrhea. Typically spread through groundwater to domestic animals, it can reach humans through fecal-oral transmission. This protozoan is also notably common in daycare settings, along with Giardia.

Hidden Culprits:  Amoeba & Giardia

Amoebas are tricky; they can mimic other diseases, making them hard to diagnose. Giardia, on the other hand, might come from places you wouldn’t expect, like tap water or even your pets. It can lead to intense digestive issues and, left untreated, nutritional problems and gluten sensitivities.

Wriggly Foes:  Worms

Globally, larger parasites such as Roundworms, Pinworms, and Hookworms are prevalent. Infections from Roundworms are notably widespread, with these parasites having the ability to migrate to different organs in the body. Pinworms, particularly prevalent in children, can lead to severe itching and are known to spread quickly within homes. To curb the spread of Pinworms, maintaining cleanliness in living spaces and rigorously cleaning bedding, toilets, and bathtubs is crucial.

Sneaky Stowaways:  Tapeworms  & Flukes

Tapeworms are becoming more common due to the consumption of undercooked meats and raw fish. Microwave cooking, which may not heat food evenly, can also pose a risk. Flukes, including lung and liver flukes, can cause significant health issues related to the organs they inhabit.

Surprisingly Prevalent

Parasite infections might be more widespread than you realize. If you’re concerned about the possibility of an infection, it’s vital to act swiftly. The CDC reports that over 60 million individuals in the US are impacted, highlighting the importance of being informed and taking preventative measures to safeguard your health.

Natural Solutions

Fortunately, many of these parasites can be managed or eliminated with natural remedies rather than harsh chemicals. These time-tested treatments offer a gentler approach to clearing your system of unwanted guests.

A Word About Parasite Testing

Achieving reliable outcomes from conventional stool tests for parasites often poses a challenge. These crafty invaders excel at hiding, not just within the digestive tract but also in less expected regions such as the brain, eyes, and liver, eluding standard detection methods. The trickiest ones burrow deep into the intestinal walls, evading discovery through routine stool analysis. Given these complexities, it’s important to recognize the limitations of stool tests as a sole indicator of parasitic presence.

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